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Aquadome Water Purifiers have been producing decorative ceramic water purifiers for the last 25 years. Hand-painted and crafted in Adelaide, South Australia, Aquadome Water Purifiers can be found in thousands of households and businesses around Australia.


Providing the purest water that will invigorate your body, our Water Filters provide extremely low-cost water, at only 2-3 cents per litre. Their unique, low-maintenance, benchtop design also means that no plumbing will be required, ever; unlike other under-bench water purifiers.


Aquadome Water Purifier's low-cost replacement ceramic water filters provide slow-filtration of an hour, which is essential for maximum contaminant-removal. FLUORIDE WATER FILTERS are also available which will remove approximately 85% of the fluoride from water.


Aquadome Water Purifiers produce two types of ceramic water purifier: the 'Aquadome Water Purifier' which holds 11 litres of water, and the more compact 'Aqua-urn Water Purifier' which holds 6 litres. With these two size options available, both in beautiful hand-painted designs, you can be sure of finding one that best suits your needs and your lifestyle.


Thank you for visiting our website. Please feel free to shop our designs securely online now. We deliver all over Australia.

For the purest water in Australia,

choose Aquadome Water Purifiers.

Ceramic Water Purifiers Australia

Aquadome Water Purifiers, hand-crafted in South Australia.