Aqua-urn Water Purifier

The compact Aqua-urn ceramic water purifier is ideal for a small kitchen, couples and singles.

Low cost, at approximately 2 to 3 cents per litre, the Aqua-urn purifier provides a 6-litre capacity, with a flow rate of approximately 1 litre per hour.

This benchtop water purifier is the healthier and cheaper alternative to springwater and other purification systems, and will purify ordinary tap water and rainwater, leaving you with pure drinking water.

Available in various colours and stylish designs, the Aqua-urn will fit perfectly in any space.


*Each newly purchased Aqua-urn Water Purifier comes with a Standard Ceramic Filter.

**Ceramic Fluoride Water Filters are also available which remove 85% of the fluoride in water.


Aqua-rn Water Purifier Height: 49cms

Aqua-urn Water Purifier Width: 20cms