Replacement Water Filters

Standard Ceramic Water Filter


Aquadome water filters are capable of changing tap water into essentially 100% pure drinking water.

The filter is constructed of an inert, porous ceramic material; with the average pore size being less than one micron (1000th of a millimetre). Most bacteria are much larger than one micron and are therefore effectively removed. In the same way, algae, rust and metals such as aluminium are also eliminated.

The activated carbon is responsible for removal of the chlorine, heavy metals, taste, odours and petroleum products. To prevent bacteria from growing on the filter and the activated carbon, they have been impregnated with silver - a known bactericide.

The purification process is similar to the way in which spring water is purified in nature, by seeping through rocks and sediment. The slower the process, the better the quality of water. The longer the water is in contact with the activated carbon, the better the result.

The Standard Carbon Filter should be replaced yearly and is capable of purifying about 60 litres per week.


Ceramic Fluoride Water Filter


The Aquadome fluoride filter is capable of removing up to 85% of the fluoride in tap water. Tests of the filter show a reduction in fluoride from approximately 1.2ppm to just .2ppm.


The fluoride filter is essentially the same as the Standard Ceramic/Carbon Filter, however, it has double the volume to accommodate for the activated alumina which removes fluoride by absorption and an ion exchange resin. Although activated alumina is insoluble, the ion exchange resin is included as a safety measure to remove metallic ions such as lead and aluminium.


Slow filtration (about 1 litre per hour) of the ceramic filter ensures excellent contact time with the activated alumina to remove fluoride.


The fluoride filter should be replaced 6 monthly.




Every new Aquadome Water Purifier and Aqua-Urn Water Purifier comes with a Standard Ceramic Filter. You can also purchase a Ceramic Fluoride Filter that will remove up to 85% of the fluoride from your tap water.


Standard Ceramic Water Filters must be replaced yearly.

Ceramic Fluoride Water Filters must be replaced 6 monthly.

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