Rid your water of toxins

'The Healthier Alternative to
Springwater, Tapwater and Rainwater


Variety of unique, hand-painted designs available.

No exensive plumbing needed.

Low cost at only 2-3 cents per litre.

Unique and easy 'push on' filter attachment.

Purify ordinary tapwater or rainwater.

Nourish your body and rid it of toxins with the healthy, antioxidant-rich water produced by the Aquadome.





Nourish your body


The Aquadome Water Purifier removes the following impurities, providing you with fresh tasting, bacteria-free drinking water.

  • Harmful bacteria and parasites (eg. ecoli, giardia, crystosporidium)

  • Dust and chemical air pollution

  • Herbicides and pesticides, especially in vine and fruit growing regions

  • Rush and heavy metals such as cadmium

  • Algaes and organic matter from rotting leaves, insects, animals and bird or possum droppings

Aquadome Water Purifier-produced water is difficult for other systems to match for 3 reasons:

  1. Aquadome's Slow Filtration - Aquadome's activated carbon filter removes chlorine, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, as well as organic tastes and smells. Slow filtration (about 1 litre per hour for the AQUADOME) is needed for best results. Undersink systems work at much higher flow rates.

  2. Non-Toxic Ceramic Water Container - glazed ceramic cannot be rivalled by plastic or metals, in terms of its neutral effect on the taste of water. Undersink units are made of plastic and metals, which can impart a 'chemical taste' to water.

  3. Low Cost and Maintenance - the Aquadome filter is about $45 per year, which is much more economical than the $60 plus for undersink filters of similar quality. Also, NO TRADESMAN are required - you replace the AQUADOME filter yourself.

Please note also: Undersink water filters for $130 will most likely be very basic in terms of the quality of water they can produce. In fact, they may only be a sediment filter - not capable of removing bacteria or chlorine. Ask to see test results and taste the water.



Aquadome Water Purifier filters are capable of changing tap water into essentially 100% pure drinking water.

  • The filter is constructed of an inert, porous ceramic material.

  • The average pore size is less than one micron (1000th of a millimetre) - most bacteria are much larger than one micron and are therefore effectively removed.

  • In the same way, algae, rust and metals such as aluminium are also eliminated.

  • The activated carbon is responsible for taking out the chlorine, heavy metals, taste, odours and petroleum products.

  • To prevent bacteria from growing on the filter and the activated carbon, these have been impregnated with silver - a known bacteriacide.

The Aquadome system consists of two pots placed one inside the other. Impure water is poured into the top, which then has to pass through the ceramic filter and the activated carbon.

The purification process is similar to the way in which springwater is purified in nature, by seeping through rocks and sediment. The slower the process, the better the quality of water. The longer the water is in contact with the activated carbon, the better the result.

The Aquadome system can purify about 60 litres per week.


The Aquadome Water Purifier Ceramic Filter has a life cycle of up to 12 months.

The activated carbon has an exhaustion point, and the filter can become blocked over time - depending on the quality of water being purified. (Most Aquadome users replace their filters just once per year).

The water container itself has an infinite life - if cared for, the purifiers will last for generations.

FLUORIDE FILTERS are also available which will also remove 85% of added fluoride in water.

The Aquadome Water purifier comes with a unique and eady to use 'push on' filter attachment.

Other products on the market required the unscrewing of filters - a task which can be very difficult, especially for the elderly.

Filters are washable and last up to 12 months.

The Aquadome system guarantees a watertight fit. The same cannot be said for other purifiers on the market that use a washer and nut system.

Aquadome Water Purifier
Aquadome Water Purifier

Beautiful hand-painted designs. The Aquadome Water Purifier will provide you with 11 litres of the purest water.

Aquadome Water Purifier
Aquadome Water Purifier

Beautiful hand-painted designs. The Aquadome Water Purifier will provide you with 11 litres of the purest water.

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