Decorative Ceramic Water Purifiers

Handmade in South Australia for more than 40 years, Aquadome Water Purifiers are the water filter of choice in thousands of homes and businesses around Australia.

The Aquadome benchtop water purifier range comes in two convenient sizes, each hand-painted with a unique and artistic design to suit your space and lifestyle, and to complement discerning, individual tastes.

Cream Aquadome Water Filter - Aquadome W


Water Purifier

The original Aquadome Water Purifier holds 11 litres of water and is suitable for larger spaces.

Cream Aqua-urn Water Filter Aquadome Wat


Water Purifier

The compact Aqua-urn Water Purifier holds 6 litres of water and suits smaller spaces.

Why Choose Aquadome?

Aquadome Water Filters provide low-cost water, at only 2-3 cents per litre.


The unique, low-maintenance, benchtop design means that no plumbing is required.

Aquadome's replacement ceramic water filters provide slow-filtration (45 minutes to 1 hour) which is essential for maximum contaminant-removal. Each Aquadome Purifier comes with a standard ceramic filter which only needs to be replaced yearly.

Fluoride Water Filters that remove approximately 85% of the fluoride from water are available.

All Aquadome Water Purifiers are hand-painted in a range of unique, artistic designs.

Black Banded Aquadome Water Filter - Aqu
Grey Blue Black Aqua-urn Water Filter -
Blue Aquadome Water Filter - Aquadome Wa
Grey Blue Black Aquadome Water Filter -
Two Leaf Grey Aqua-urn Water Filter - Aq
red earth aquadome water filter - aquado
Grey Aqua-urn Water Filter - Aquadome Wa
Black Aqua-urn Water Filter - Aquadome W
Two Leaf Grey Aquadome Water Filter - Aq

What People Say

Aquadome Water Purifiers - Made in South


We have had our blue Aquadome water pot for over a year now. It makes great tasting water and a friend of mine always compliments me on how nice it looks on the kitchen bench. The pot is easy to maintain with a rinse and wipe out every 2-3 months and a quick scrub of the filter which lasts around 12 months and the filter just pushes onto the base with no screws and threads to worry about. Simple to use and beautiful to look at and the bonus is that it makes great tasting water.

Aquadome Water Purifiers - Made in South


I have had an Aquadome for at least 20 years, only replacing the filters as needed and a tap once in this time. I enjoy drinking clean, filtered water daily. Like the reminders when filters need changing.

Aquadome Water Purifiers - Made in South


I’ve had my Aquadome for at least 18 years. It has never missed a beat and has saved me a fortune in bottled water. It has recently moved house with me from Sydney to a rural area and the local water is awful. First thing I did was set up my Aquadome with a new filter! Unlike the locals who buy bottled water, I can drink the town water. The service I have received from Lauri over the years has been superb. I highly recommend these water purifiers. One of the best things I have ever bought.

Aquadome Water Purifiers -


Filtered water that invigorates your body.

Aquadome Water Purifiers -
Aqua-Urn Water Purifiers
Aqua-Urn Water Purifiers

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Aqua-Urn Water Purifiers
Aqua-Urn Water Purifiers

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